There’s something I always seem to forget, especially in moments I need it most.

Being grateful.

We all know we should be grateful for what we have, no matter what may be going wrong at the time.

But it’s not always the easiest attitude to maintain.

I am going to show you how to truly remain grateful throughout life and it starts with a little change in your perspective.


Lack of gratitude is not a head problem, it’s a heart problem.

Literally. It’s not just an idea, it’s a physical phenomenon.

Simple excerises of gratitude prescribed by doctors to their patients with heart problems reavealed astounding results.

Stress decreased, ulcers healed, blood pressure dropped, hearts increased in health.

Gratitude is something our mama’s, our daddy’s, our teacher’s, or our preacher’s, have taught us since we rocked our blinking sneakers in the first grade.

But we’ve forgotten all about the magic of it. It’s been thrown around as a well-wishing reminder for so long that it has almost lost it’s meaning, and now our physicians have to remind us of it’s healing power.

To be truly grateful for a thing, I usually have to experience life without it, or at least be aware enough to understand how life would be without it.

Otherwise, this thing in question holds very little value to me. How can I be grateful for a thing I’ve never lived without?

Think about a bratty teen, who has everything, complaining about life. It’s hard to convince them to be grateful for what they DO have, when they’ve never felt what it was like WITHOUT it. And unfortunately, I behave the same way at times.


Life gives, and it takes away.

There are two ways, life, in it’s mysterious ways, teaches us the lesson of gratitude.

The most common way, and the way we can relate to most, is by taking things, people, and experiences, away from us.

We are much too familiar with this teaching technique.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way for us to understand the importance of gratitude for something is when it is no longer in our possession. The crappy thing is, by then, it feels more like REGRET than GRATITUDE.

The second way, and this is the way I wish I learned from most, is by giving us things, people, and experiences.

A new partner, child, friend, or opportunity comes into our lives and suddenly we experience gratitude like never before. We thank the heavens and we are truly grateful… for some time.


So how can you and I, in all things, at all times, in all places, be grateful?

How can we learn to be grateful for everything and never lose perspective again? How can we learn to be grateful without having to lose, or gain something first?

How can we maintain an attitude of gratitude, no matter what life throws our way?

It’s pretty simple, just requires a little mind trickery, a little change in perspective.

I know that for something to hold value to me, I usually have to experience life before I had it, or after I’ve had it, in order to truly be grateful for it.

If this is the case, then I can simply shift the focus of my lens, and live each day as if I am already without the things that in reality, I am with.

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If you and I can live each day with a perspective and understanding that at any moment, we can lose a job, lose a parent, a spouse, a friend, or a child, and life will never be the same, you can bet we will be grateful for every second we still have with them.

Every morning, every evening, focus your attention and attitude on everything you experience, as if you may never experience it or have it again.


Here is Declaration #3 from my book, “The Mount of Olives,” to help you remember.

Declaration #3: In all things, be filled with gratitude.

In all things, I will be grateful.

With my legs I walk. With my hands I hold. With my eyes I see. With my ears I hear. With my mind I think. With my heart I live. With my lungs I breathe.

If I start to complain I will count my blessings. I will write them on my sleeve and I will never forget them. When I wake in the morning I will raise my hands and say, “Thank you! I am alive another day.”

If I lack I need only to ask. I will ask for a thing as if it were already in my possession and I will say “Thank you.”

In my sorrow I will seek for things to be grateful for and in my joy I will give thanks.

In all things, I will be grateful.

There is a better way to live!


P.S Keep an eye out for Declaration #4 coming later this week! And if you want to read the story that forms all 11 declarations, grab my book and be sure to give me some feedback once you have read it. I would love to hear it! 🙂


Find the book (HERE) and a short video about it (HERE) 🙂



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