There is one thing that will surely give you enough motivation to finally do the things in life you’ve been wanting to do:

And that is your death. Or… the “end.”

Death inspires us like a cat inspires a mouse.

It’s only when we remember that the end is coming, that we suddenly act like we actually want to live.

We avoid the subject at all costs but the fact that you and I will die someday, cannot be denied.

It’s probably the only thing in this world that we can actually be certain about.

Yes, it’s a crappy subject to discuss. Who wants to talk about dying!? But, the truth is, when we think about dying, it helps us also to remember to live.

There is something different about a person when he or she truly lives with the end in mind.

They behave differently.

They begin to love, appreciate, and risk more. They submit to their fears less and they worry less. They try, they fail, yet they try again.

They understand that in order to live an extraordinary life, they must always be aware that they don’t have forever. And tomorrow may not be there so they must act today. There is an urgency to their step.

When they set out to achieve great things, they look ahead at the final destination, and they work backwards in order to understand what they must do each day to get there.

You can bet people like this will have very little to regret when their time is up.

This declaration from my book, “The Mount Of Olives,” will help you live with the end in mind:


Declaration #2: Live with the end in mind.

I will live with the end in mind.

I will evaluate where I am today and this will reveal where my end will be.

The road I am currently on has only one destination. If I am not pleased with the destination, I must take another road and if I don’t, I must accept my fate. I cannot and will not simply wish for change while I continue to walk in the wrong direction.

My future will not magically change. If I wish to change my destination I must first peer through the glass of time to my last day. I must decide how I want this day to be and I must decide what I want people to say about me. And what will they say about me? Will the world mourn or will it continue without a hiccup in the day? Did I live? Did my life serve a purpose? Was my life ordinary… or was it extraordinary?

I will live with the end in mind and, if I do, I will not stray. When I am lost and weary I will stop and look ahead. I will renew my strength and continue to walk the road ahead.

Yesterday’s failures cannot stop me today as long as I live with the end in mind.

And when death comes finally knocking on my door, I’ll gladly open and invite it in, for I’ll know that I have truly lived.

I must live with the end in mind.

Starting today, live with the end in mind and I can promise you, your life will never be the same again.

P.S Keep an eye out for Declaration #3 coming later this week! And if you want to read the story that forms all 11 declarations, grab my book and be sure to give me some feedback once you have read it! 🙂


There is a better way to live!


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