If you have ever paid close attention to the conversations you have with yourself, you will be astonished.

Most conversations we entertain within, are pure garbage.

I start with the principle, Words spoken, set life in motion, because this is where life begins. In my book, “The Mount of Olives,” this is declaration #1 for a very good reason.

If you want to know who you truly are, take some time and take inventory of your internal dialogue.

You will notice that on an hourly basis, you will justify, argue, assume, develop a fear, force a weak attempt at encouraging yourself, and then, create “what if” conversations which you then turn into actual arguments and anger towards someone.

The battle is real but the time for victory is now.


Our biggest roadblock in life is ourselves.

And holy smokes we are stubborn!

Years of conditioning will do that. Just like water flowing down a mountain, it soon finds the path of least resistance and a new creek is eventually born. From then on, the water will follow the same path every time the rain comes.

This is what we do with our internal conversations. Whether it’s an insecurity, a fear, a previous statement from someone, or an out-right lie, somewhere along the way we’ve adopted a language that does us more harm than good.

We’ve developed a playlist of things we say to ourselves the minute an idea or any form of inspiration comes in and our mind triggers the response that will take us down that path of least resistance.

What you say, what you think, how you think about it, and how you feel it, eventually becomes exactly what you see in your life.

Your words, whether they slip from your mouth, or you manage to keep them between your ears, allow the powers of this world to move and cause your life to unfold in the exact way you see it.

YOU are your greatest enemy and until you change the way you speak, internally and externally, you will remain the same.

Here is the declaration to help, from the book:

Declaration #1: Words spoken set life in motion.

I will listen diligently to every word my mind tells me and I will interrupt it. I will judge it with the seriousness I would the most heinous crime. Every thought that is destructive and speaks against what I seek — will be cast out as if it was a disease of my mind.

I must silence any evil that comes from my mind as the universe is listening. It is listening and waiting to take action with the same force that moves mountains and with the same winds which dash waves onto the rocks. The same breath which taught the sun to burn with violence and the moon to cool the night is waiting for my voice and, until now, I have only robbed myself with my words.

When my mind speaks death, I will speak life and I will out-yell the words spoken against me until the voice in my mind becomes an unstoppable force, now speaking for me.

Soon the two voices will speak in unison and two will become one again. I will speak life because words spoken set my life in motion.

Print this out if you must, but keep coming back to it and declare it over your life with power and enthusiasm.

P.S Keep an eye out for Declaration #2 coming later this week! And if you want to read the story that forms all 11 declarations, grab my book and be sure to give me some feedback once you have read it! 🙂


There is a better way to live!


Find the book (HERE) and a short video about it (HERE) 🙂



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