In a world of digital identities, it’s becoming difficult to truly know who someone is.

I’ve seen people post stupid things on social media and find them to actually be cool, driven, purposeful people when I meet them.

But mostly I’ve seen people post amazing things and find that they have very little depth to them at all, in REAL life.

What would you prefer, people to think you’re something special and you’re doing special things, or people to see that you have done special things, after you’ve done them?

Of course we’d answer the latter if asked but it’s not the way we behave.

It’s much easier to look a certain way and show a certain lifestyle than it is to truly live it out. It takes a lot more work to sit down and actually write for several hours than it does to post a picture of my laptop with a perfectly placed cup of coffee next to it, but guess which one I do more often?

You guessed it… post the picture.

But even that get’s exhausting. It’s tough to talk a certain way and put on a certain look when you know you aren’t living up to it.

You start feeling like a phony, and that’s because you are.

We all are when we are not living out OUR truths, OUR dreams, OUR goals and aspirations.


Who are you trying to be anyway?

Most of us do this because we feel like we have to.

When everyone around us is talking about how much they’re “crushing it,” a lot of pressure is placed on our shoulders… by us, to do the same.

Here’s a little bit of truth, those people are probably not crushing it. And chances are in a few months they will have already moved on to the next idea or business to be “crushing it” in.

So building up anxiety from the fake successes of others becomes a little bit of a problem.

Don’t be in such a hurry to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going yet.

Take time and be patient in setting a clear vision for what YOU want out of life.


When you try too hard to keep up, you fall behind.

The people who are really crushing it, are doing so by knowing who they are, what’s important to them, what they want, what they believe, and where they are going.

Then, they wake up every morning and kick ass.


So… focus on YOU. Become the real you, for reals!

Let go of this fear we all have of being left behind which causes us to become someone we are not.

At the end of your days, this veil of false identity will be pulled back and the only thing that will truly matter is, did you become the person YOU were meant to become?

Ask yourself the above question daily as a reminder to be the real you, for reals.


There is a better way to live!


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