A morning routine is like a pre-flight checklist. It can set you up for success or lead to disaster. It all depends on what you do.

I used to be terrified of flying and even though I did it often, I could never get used to it.

Maybe it was the fact that every car I’ve ever owned since I was 16 has broken down on me so my trust in mechanical things wasn’t the greatest.

But whenever boarding a flight, the first thing I did was stare into the cockpit for those few seconds as I passed by.

I was always trying to see who the pilots were. If they were young, I knew they were less experienced and that always made me more nervous.

If they were older with the silver hair of wisdom, I immediately felt better about the flight. I was always looking for that “Captain Sully” looking pilot.

That one who’d seen it all and experienced every possible flight situation. The one who’s voice came over the loud speaker completely calm and relaxed as we were bouncing through the turbulence.

I felt like I could trust that guy more.

But young or old, veteran or rookie, first flight or the last, every single pilot does the same thing they have done time and time again. They go down the pre-flight checklist.

Failing to do so could lead to disaster, no matter how experienced you are.


Already “successful” or still on the journey, we need a pre-flight checklist.

Just like these airline pilots, we need our own pre-flight checklist, but we call it a morning routine. These are the precious moments we have when we first jump out of bed, they are the difference between success or disaster.

Most people don’t have a checklist and if they ever create one, they don’t follow it for very long.

Brushing our teeth, stuffing a bagel down our throat, washing it down with coffee, and running out the door seems to be our most common routine today.

We don’t take a moment to breathe, to stretch, to read, to sit in silence for a few moments and evaluate our day or say “thank you” for another one.

The first thing billionaire Tony Robbins does every morning is jump into a pool of freezing water. World changing inventor, Thomas Edison, used to sit in his pitch dark room in silence just after waking up. Self proclaimed “human guinea-pig,” Tim Ferris, writes in his journal before doing anything else.

Successful people don’t start their day by jumping into the cockpit of a plane and firing the engines up while still buttoning up a shirt.

A veteran pilot will never skip the crucial process of his pre-flight checklist, no matter how many times he has gone through it in the past. He can recite it in his sleep, yet he goes down the checklist each and every flight.

If a person who has already found much success in his or her life religiously sticks to their routine in order to stay successful, how much more important is it for us “rookies” to create and follow a morning “pre-flight” checklist!?


Create a morning routine that will allow you to do great things.

Something as simple as sacrificing that extra thirty-five minutes of sleep, the ones we fight for every morning, can be the difference.

Want a few tips to make better use of that time? Here is a short list of ideas taken from some of the most successful people in the world. Make these things a part of your morning routine.

  • Read for 15 minutes.

  • Journal.

  • Stretch.

  • Do a few breathing exercises to open up your lungs and blood flow.

  • Meditate.

  • Plan your day. 

  • Reflect on where you have been. 

  • Evaluate where you are headed. 

  • Smile. 🙂

Jumping into the day and praying everything runs smooth has and will always fail us. It’s a reactive lifestyle versus a proactive one.

If you have big dreams, big aspirations, bid ideas, and you want to do great things… You MUST have a great morning routine.

There is a better way to live!


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