Over-thinking will always inflate your fears, taking action will deflate them.

By now you’ve heard countless times of the effect fear has on us. Everybody fears something, and this includes people who do amazing things in this world.

We are visual beings living in a physical world so the way our brain keeps us alive is by warning us of what can kill us.

If we see a tiger, our brain screams RUN!!

If we see a fire, our brain screams RUN!!

If we see a crowd we are supposed to speak in front of, our brain screams RUN!!

Everything we think about doing is analyzed for it’s greatest risk.

“Will this kill me? Will this embarrass me? Will I lose all of my money?”

I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in my right knee years ago while playing football.

It hurt like hell when it happened and it hurt much worse for the next few months to come.

I hoped my problem would go away by ignoring it because I was afraid to get the surgery required for my knee to work properly.

I thought I was fine until a basketball game months later where my knee buckled and the pain was much worse than when I originally tore it.

I knew right then, surgery was inevitable.

Never having surgery before, I began to imagine all of the things that could go wrong. What if I died while under anesthesia? What if I woke up during surgery? What if the doctor operated on the wrong knee!? What if the surgery didn’t help?

These are all irrational thoughts and may sound stupid but that’s what fears are. Most of the time they are just imaginations.


The inflation begins

We start imagining every worst possible scenario. And the more we picture everything that could go wrong, the more the fear expands.

It’s scary to start a new business when every possibility of failure plays through your head.

It can seem overwhelming to go from dream to reality when we have no idea where to even begin and that unknown is frightening.

And so it is, before we can even really dream, before we can allow ourselves the possibility of doing something amazing, we’ve already buried the idea.

Once again, in an attempt to help, our brain has defeated our heart.


To take away a fear, you must take action

You won’t convince your fear away so you just have to begin. Just like you show a child how to do something that scares them by first doing it yourself, you treat your brain like a child. 🙂

The anticipation and the fear of the unknown becomes crippling. We have to begin by just diving in.

If you have an idea for a new product, you can start today by searching for a manufacturer. Then you search for a way to source the material or ingredients. The day after that, you find the best way to get a logo designed, then, packing, marketing, distribution, etc.

Something that was so overwhelming and frightening has now turned into a simple daily checklist. Even though the end result is intimidating, the small steps begin to clear the cloud of the unknown and your fears slowly fade.

I finally went in and spoke to a doctor about my knee and quickly learned how simple the procedure would be.

I could have saved myself a lot of pain!

We all have fears. No one gets away from them. But understand this, everyone who has ever done anything worthwhile in life has had to face an enormous amount of fear.

But… they never let this keep them from walking towards it anyway.

Take action and take your fears away.

There is a better way to live!!


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