If the biggest dream you currently have can be accomplished in one year, you are NOT dreaming big enough.

If you know exactly how to achieve your biggest dream, you are NOT dreaming big enough.

If achieving your dream does not require you to massively invest into yourself in all aspects of your life, you are NOT dreaming big enough.


3 years ago I came to a point in my life that required some huge changes for me. I was living with little direction and had a very vague idea of what a life of “purpose” might look like.

I needed change and achieving a few goals was not going to bring that to me. It wasn’t more money, love, friends, muscles, or relationships that I needed.

For a long time I had neglected to challenge myself or to allow myself to grow.

My choice of “career” was pulled out of a hat, because well… you have to choose something, and I figured I was pretty much set up for success after that.

What a miserable miscalculation that was.

That lack of challenge, growth, creativity, and meaning killed me. I became dead inside as I withered away in my work space made of carpeted, inch-thick aluminum. Also known as a cubicle.


There are “basic human needs” and there are “Not-so-basic human needs”

Our “basic” needs are things we need to do every day. Eat, poop, sleep, and eat again.

The “Not-so-basic” needs are the ones that truly keep us alive. These are the things that pull us out of bed every morning, these are the needs that we desperately seek to fill with every moment, interaction, and choice we make.

We all have the need for growth, expressing creativity, connection, contribution, and significance to name a few.

That’s why if your’re only dreaming of more money or things, you will never be fulfilled.

Along my journey, I failed to find something that would challenge me to grow. I was doing nothing that allowed me to be creative, and I certainly was not feeling like I was contributing much.

I failed to dream big, and with that, I failed to fulfill some of my biggest needs.

I knew that if I was going to become the kind of human I wanted to be, I would have to dream big, very big.


“Big goals” aren’t always big enough, we need to stretch ourselves

Publishing my first book had been a huge goal of mine for quite some time and it could not have been done if not for the many years of personal growth and mindset shifting that I came through.

But as much work and time as I invested into completing this huge project, it wasn’t going to quite stretch me into the person I wanted to be. Nor will writing a 2nd or 3rd book.

Writing the book certainly filled my need for creativity and contribution. But for me to grow to where I want to go, I would need to reach for something that can’t be attained in under a year.


Your dreams have to seem impossible

Someone recently asked me why I am so interested in mastering the art of storytelling and public speaking, which is something I am persistently working towards. I thought about this for a while and could not answer the question.

Yes, I guess it would fill some of my needs, maybe it would give me a sense of contribution and definitely significance, but I knew that I was driven by a need much stronger than those two.

I realized it was my need for victory, my need for growth, and the challenge of being a better me.

You see, I have insecurities, fears, comforts, habits, beliefs, and ideas that limit me in so many ways. For years this was fine with me because when these limitations surfaced in my life, I found ways to avoid them.

This ignorance led me to a dead end and this no longer will work for me.

To master the art of public speaking for me was/is so far fetched from my reality that it is exactly where I knew I needed to head.

I knew that in order for me to be the man I wanted to be, the one who conquered all of his weaknesses, who mastered all of his fears, who defeated all of his anxiety, I would have to get very uncomfortable.

I would have to overcome major insecurity, take risks, invest time, money, emotion, energy, find courage, develop new habits, and learn new skills.

If you are not required to do any of these things to be the person you wish to be, then you are not dreaming quite big enough!

If we wish to be happy, to be “successful,” to live a life of passion, purpose, and meaning, we must become that which we feel like it’s impossible to be.

We MUST dream big. 🙂

There is a better way to live!


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