Have you ever watched a motivational video and got so fired up that you were determined to kick down every door standing in your way and go earn $1,000,000…

only to drop back to the same desperate thoughts with a very vague idea, and hope, of how you might actually achieve that prized goal, a few hours later?

That’s how “Motivation” typically works.

We see an Instagram meme, or video with a screaming Rocky, or soft words from Steve Jobs as inspirational music plays in the background, and we get fired up.

“Enough is enough,” we say and we swear to make major changes in our lives right then and there.

I don’t mock. I benefit from these videos and memes every once in a while, and honestly… they CAN make you feel like drawing a line in the sand which we often do.

The only problem is, this never lasts.


Motivation: the ticking stove-starter

Motivation is a great tool.

Motivation can be likened to the ticking of a gas-stove flame-starter. It’s a jolt of electricity, a spark of fire that, if fueled by the release of propane or gas, can start a very hot flame.

It’s a reminder, a thought, an idea, that allows you to lift your eyes from the daily grind.

And that is why we constantly seek it. We love the way it makes us feel, even if it’s for a few hours.

Just the thought of success will actually release endorphins to our brains and change our mood immensely.

It allows us to dream of other possibilities again, to not feel like such losers.

Unfortunately, we may spend hours and hours on motivational videos or speeches but I’m here to tell you, it won’t last.


It is only if your spark of motivation is met with a brilliant idea, that can be acted upon immediately, will you benefit from “motivation.”

Real motivation comes when the fuel hits the spark and that spark turns to a violent flame that burns deep within.

This is when motivation will take you to new heights.

The only way to make it stick is to use the “sparks” of motivation to start a bigger fire. 🔥

… To turn it into something that lasts a little longer than a few hours or days.

This is tough, as I’m sure you are aware but these few ideas will help.


Here are a few ways to make motivation stick.

1.Fill your head with your dream until that’s all you see from your thoughts. You can’t have a mind full of toxic people or beliefs and, at the same time, be motivated to work toward your dream.

It has to be a complete immersion, a total take-over of thoughts and your subconscious can’t take over when you feed it contradictory ideas.


2. Write it on your hand. I use a permanent marker and every time I reach my hand out, I catch the writings on my wrist with the corner of my eye. This allows me to keep these thoughts at the front of my mind.

Whatever idea it was that fired you up, or “motivated” you, write it on your wrist so you are reminded of it many times throughout the day. The next morning, write it again.


3. Set 3 alarm clocks that go off throughout your day with reminders of your goals. These interrupt the normal routine and flow of your day and give you a moment to remember what’s important. These will keep you focused long after the sexy feelings and emotions of motivation have left.


4. Get a whiteboard. I live by this idea and offer it as advice to anyone willing to hear it. With 80,000 thoughts going through your head a day, no way in hell will you be able to maintain a structure of your goals, dreams, and aspirations in that tiny little brain.

Get a white board, nail it to your wall, and draw your vision up nice and clear. When it is on your wall, you’ll see it every night and every morning.


5. Get friends that push you. If your friends have weak-ass dreams and aspirations, trust me, so will you. If your conversations start and end on what you did, or will do this weekend, and that’s it, it’s time for a reality check.

Nothing kills motivation like a buddy with no great vision or direction. If you can’t tell from the first 4 tips already, staying motivated requires a lot of “brain-washing.”

It requires a consistent rewiring of thought and you can’t feed a fire with wet wood.


6. Repeat the above, every. Single. Day. Once a week is not enough. “Motivation Monday” is not going to cut it. It will not create the habits you need to create to see real progress.

It’s gotta be Motivation Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Motivation Sunday… and sometimes even Motivation Freeway.”

(Actual footage of me writing something down while driving.)

Remember, the idea is to remain “motivated,” long after the initial excitement has faded.

You want to change your entire way of thinking and bring you closer to your dream.

Pretty much plaster your goals all over your life. Create a routine of spending even a few minutes each morning looking them over. Study, change, rewrite, update your goals and plans until they consume your mind.

Negative thoughts are easy to fall back into because they have become a lifestyle and, fear, unfortunately, is not something we can get rid of. It’s why we have to keep looking for motivation, to re-ignite a dead flame.

We will always have an uphill battle but the way to win is to reconstruct your entire way of thinking, to never let the flame burn out!

We can become bold in the face of fear. We can press forward despite opposition. We can take action no matter what we are up against…

As long as our motivation doesn’t fade out.

There is a better way to live!!!


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