Have you ever paid attention to a horse’s eyes in a race?

You’ll notice they often wear something over their eyes called “blinders.”

One reason for this is to help protect their eyes from dirt and dust…

But the main reason is a bit more important.

They are often strapped with these eye covers to keep them focused straight ahead.

Horses have peripheral vision, they can see behind them and all around each side. This can cause a problem in a race because if a horse gets scared or distracted, it may run off course, or worse, collide with another racer.

For the jockey, it is important to ensure that the horse looks only straight ahead.

It does the horse no good to see what the others are doing. In fact, it does not matter what the others are doing. In the race, it is entirely up to each animal to win. What the others do makes no difference.

It must only do everything in its own power and strength to win. It must stay in it’s own lane, and run with everything it’s got.


Stop watching what everyone else is doing.

Unfortunately we often find ourselves in a situation similar to that of the scared horse. The one in the race that can’t keep it’s eyes on the track.

We look around, wide-eyed, watching everyone else run their race and we lose hope.

We see others success and we get discouraged. We see people do things that we want to be doing and they have progress and we ourselves seem to be spinning in circles.

I am that scared horse more often than I am the leading horse.

I catch myself often feeling completely discouraged when I see the stampede of others roar by, seemingly with ease, while I myself have to try with everything I have to see little progress.

When I do this, I immediately put myself in last place mentally.


Comparing our life to others is useless.

Everyone finds their success at different times of life. Each one of us has our own race to run and at the end of our days, it won’t matter what everyone else accomplished.

We have to stop putting ourselves in last place, justifying why others deserve success and we don’t.

Our life feels like this horse race but the difference is that in life, you don’t “win” by beating others.

You “win” by beating yourself. Your own doubts, fears, and obstacles.

Your race is against you.

There is no last place besides the one you put yourself into when you focus on others, causing yourself to stop running your own race.

You will have won when you can look back at your life and genuinely say that you ran your race the best way you possibly could,

…when you left nothing in the tank.

Stop putting yourself in last place and run YOUR race! Shift your focus on what YOU can be doing and not what others are doing.

There IS a better way to live!


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