A “Nazi” and a “Communist” take an Uber together.

A few days ago I was in Seattle for work.

We finished up our project early and decided to catch the Mariners baseball game being played in town that evening.

We ordered an Uber and hopped in, heading for the stadium.

On the ride over, we learned our driver was born in Germany. His grandpa fought for the German’s in WWII, and ended up in a Russian prisoners camp for 13 years.

I thought this was neat because I was born in Soviet Russia, and my grandpa fought against the Germans in WWII. He ended up in a German death camp for prisoners of war.

Here we were, nearly 65 years later.

We rode in the same car and we shared stories of a disturbing time in human history, a “Nazi” and a “Communist,” as we would have been called not too long ago.

There was no hate. Why would there be?

The war was fought by young boys, convinced they were fighting evil, justified in their actions. But it was started by manipulative, power hungry, ******* (Insert expletive here. I personally like the word “bastards.”)

So how do you divide and create a hate between people, to the point of them murdering each other?


1. You make them believe they belong to a great cause, even greater than human life. 

We humans have an amusing characteristic. We NEED to believe in something and be a part of something.

It’s what gives us meaning, a sense of belonging, a sense of community. Sharing a common belief with others gives us comfort in that we are not alone or crazy.

So you slowly undermine the value of life while pushing the importance of your agenda. Give them only two options and they will choose a side.

They will sacrifice their integrity, just to belong, just not to be different.

Psychologists have found this to be true a long time ago.

2. You convince them their opposition is the enemy. 

Here is where “Propaganda” comes in. Bring in the mainstream media.

Now that they have chosen a side and they have approval and are not alone, you make the opposition an enemy.

Sounds like our last election and current situation doesn’t it? I have lost Facebook “friends” over this last election, and I don’t even know a damn thing about politics or hardly discuss it for that matter!

If I don’t think like they do, I’m the enemy.

Those who can divide people will always conquer.

3. You convince them they are justified in their belief.

We are great at justifying our actions and beliefs. Little by little we can pass off the blame, or point to other reasons, excuses for why it’s not our fault or our problem, that things are a certain way. We didn’t start it!

How far can we go if we continue to justify our behavior? Well… we will kill people for it.

You’re thinking, “Hell no, not me, I know where to draw the line.”

False. You just haven’t been pushed hard enough… yet. Your line will move as long as collectively, the boundaries are moved. Another experiment by psychologists in the 60’s showed that if we are not solely responsible for an action, we will compromise our “boundaries.” See the Stanley Milgrim experiment.

Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and our own beautiful media, excelled at this simple 3 step “Guide to divide.”

We look back and think about how stupid people were back during WWII. How could they be so ignorant, killing innocent jews, innocent civilians!?

But let’s step back and do some massive self-examination.

Look where we are currently at, not because there is a real divide, but because we again got suckered into choosing sides, hating any opposition, and justifying our own hardened hearts.

We are too easy. Any evil moron with an agenda can get us fuming in minutes, ready to kill.

Let’s be smart people. Let us not be divided.

Let us remember this; before religion, before politics, before our loyalty to our countries, before our sports teams,

 “Before we are anything else, we must remember we are humans”

There is a better way to live.

Thank you for reading! I am nearing the release of my BOOK, based on living the extraordinary life. Find it (HERE) 🙂



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