It’s early morning and still dark outside, already she has said a prayer for you while you sleep.

She can transform a seed into a child, a house into a home, a bag of groceries into a meal, and a child’s tears into a smile.

She’s cleaned your poop, cut your hair, tucked you in, and held you tight.

She will gladly lay down her life for yours. There is nothing in the world that can tear you from her hands of gold.

She has sacrificed her body and put her dreams on hold… to raise you so that you can go and build yours.

Who is this woman, nothing short of an angel? Well, you just call her “Mom”.

Today is Mother’s day and again, we are reminded to love on the ones who have given us the greatest gift we could ever receive, the gift of life.

Life can be beautiful but life can also be a pain in the ass. We have work, we have responsibilities, we have deadlines, and we have bills.

Every day we have a hundred things, screaming for our attention. It’s so easy to forget to stop and lift our grumbling heads from our phones. It’s so easy to forget that the very women we often take for granted, have given us this gift.

They are angels walking among us.

Her silver hair is always in a bun. Her smile never leaves her eyes. And her words are ever so full of life.

Today I am reminded to look at this mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, and woman, through a new perspective.

If you want to see an angel, you must only lift your eyes.

They call this one Anna. But me, I just call her “Mom”.




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