There are 3 “P” words that consume our minds when we are not busy masking our thoughts with our daily tasks.

There is our PAIN

Our “pain” is the job we hate, the financial situation we are in, the fears we deal with, the insecurities we mask, or the mundane cycle of life we live in. It is the place we are in now, the place we want more than anything to ditch and move on from.

It is that thing which causes all of us to say the same thing over and over again: “There HAS to be a better way”

Our pains are what cause us to seek something different, to step out and search for a different way, to try and do things differently. They are what drive us to seek change.

Then, there is our PROBLEM

Our problems are what stop us in our tracks. Our “problems” are what make us go back to our pains and repeat the cycle.

Every time our PAIN hurts us enough to try and do something about it, our PROBLEM stands before us with a stern finger, pointing us back to our places.

Problems are our excuses. These are the things we use as reasons for why we continue to hang out in the cycles, drowning in our PAIN.

We say, “But the problem is… I don’t have the skills”,

“… I don’t have the resources”,

“… I don’t have the knowledge”,

“… I don’t have the opportunity”,

“… My situation doesn’t allow me”,

“… I’m just not a motivated person”,

“… My bills won’t pay themselves if i quit”,

“… It takes money to make money and I don’t have money”.

My list can go on forever. Only you know what problems hold you back and only you can come up with your list. But the fact remains, these “PROBLEMS” keep us from discovering our PURPOSE.

Finally, we have our PURPOSE

Our purpose is not what people have made it out to be. This magical THING which drives us to sell everything we own and serve at an orphanage in Africa. It is not something that requires us to lose all of our joy in the simple pleasures of life to serve in a monastery.

It does not require us to lose our passions and desires, or our dreams. Our PURPOSE is how we find true meaning for our lives, how we contribute to this world. Chances are, your passions and dreams are EXACTLY where your purpose lies.

Steve Jobs filled his purpose by being Steve Jobs. It really is that simple. No orphans, no shelters, no saving puppies, just technology that changed the world.

So when your PAIN tells you that you are not where you need to be but your PROBLEM keeps you there, your PURPOSE is never discovered and the viscous cycle continues.


We must not mask our PAIN with our phones, with our TV shows, with our weekend binges, and with meaningless relationships.

We must not seek temporary band aids. We have to face our PROBLEM. It is in the gray unknown, that line that divides us, that we will discover our PURPOSE.

If our PROBLEM is bigger than our PAIN, we will not find our PURPOSE. We will allow it to keep us in the mediocre, comfortable, “safe” life, just going along, neither being too hot or too cold.

If our PAIN is bigger than our PROBLEM, we will find a way to over-come our problem and shortly after, discover our PURPOSE. Something has to give!

You can settle for your PAIN or choose to fight your PROBLEM.

I would like to encourage you to fight your PROBLEM and find your PURPOSE.

There is a better way to live! 🙂


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