Trained by the best!

Bo Eason is a former NFL standout, acclaimed Broadway playwright and performer, and an international presence/story coach. I have been lucky enough to train with him, face to face.

Why I do what I do!

For the past 6 years I have dedicated my life to inspiring people to find a better way to live… here’s why.

Years ago I hit a wall. A point in my life that brought everything to a complete halt.

Depression hit me like a two-by-four to the back of the head and suddenly, it was all smiles on the outside, but a deep loneliness accompanied me on the inside.


I had done everything I was supposed to do according to what a “successful” person should do. Only there was one thing I completely missed… I was living my life according to someone else’s definition of success.

You see, we all have the need to be noticed, appreciated, understood, heard, and to be able to contribute to this world in our own unique way. When we fail to find a way to meet these needs, our enthusiasm and value for life slowly diminish.

Somewhere over the years I was stripped of all imagination and joined a long line of people, who just like me, were going through the motions.

All creativity, all passion, all enthusiasm, every crazy dream I ever had was gone. Now, sitting there staring at the cubicle wall in front of me, only one question haunted me over and over… “How did I fall for this!?”

My friend, I had a problem.

I had no outlet to express myself, to leave my footprint in the history of this world, to dream and to grow, to change the world in only the way I at one time believed I could!



We change the world by first changing ourselves because no one ever does anything amazing by accident.

Today our country and our world needs to be inspired more than ever before.

With this website, articles, my book, and my storytelling, my mission is to inspire change into the lives of people both young and old.


there IS a better way to live!

I am Michael Ivanov.

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