The difference between the successful and unsuccessful people is no secret at all.

There’s no scheme, there’s no unfairness, there’s no “genetics” of success.

People will come up with excuses like “you’re just techy, you’re artsy, you’re independent, your athletic”.

Yes we’re all born with a personality type but even that we can change.

Are you ready to hear what makes the successful people really successful and not just what many people think it is?

They put in 50,000 more hours in than you did.

They studied day and night instead of moping about how difficult it is.

They got up early even while you slept in because “you’re not a morning person”, this might come as a shock but: neither are they.


Willpower is what they obtain instead of excuses.

This is why there are so few successful people. Because we all want what they have, but we’re not willing to put in the work that they did.

So we get mad at them, jealous that we’re not there yet and say things out of our own insecurities like, “well eating healthy is not living at all”, “Well they have an athletic build that’s why they’re so successful in sports”. No, they worked their butt off while you sat on yours so you can make claims about them to make yourself feel relevant.

Desperation is what burns in their bellies.

They got to this point where they said “everyone else is putting in this much effort, and this is what they’re getting out of it: mediocrity. If I put in more work than them, naturally I will have a greater outcome”.

This is the part where some people stay on one end of the bridge looking over at the successful ones with binoculars.


That bridge is called Desperation.

This desperation bridge was put together not by cement or wood or stone or metal. It was put together by hours upon hours of work, practice, practice, practice, and countless failures.

Don’t let fear of failing stop you. Failing is the only way you will learn and gain wisdom. It’s the only way you build character; living.

Please start living so that the world can gain more greatness.

It’s get overwhelming but take it one day at a time.

Start by getting up at least 10 minutes earlier than you normally do, eating 1/4 less than you normally do. Replacing an unhealthy snack for a fruit once a day or adding a teaspoon less of sugar to your coffee.

Setting apart an extra 30–60min for studying whatever you want to succeed in.

Putting in 5 extra reps into your routine or 5 extra min to your run.

These little tasks will add up and you will keep adding to them. You will start getting endorphins from even the small accomplishments and they will push you to do more.

Soon the things you thought were impossible become your reality.

There IS a better way to live!


AUTHOR: Sulamita Ivanov. Sulamita is a SpeakLife contributor who is passionate about pursuing a life worth living. Meet her on INSTAGRAM.

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