The other day I received my proof copy of the book I have been working on for the past 6 months.

My hands were slightly shaky when I first opened the package, delivered by the FedEx guy with questionably short shorts.

The anxiety and the excitement came together in a blend of emotions that quickly turned into one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment I have had yet.

I felt victorious holding what was first created in the mind, visualized daily for over half a year, and now, physically sitting in the palm of my hand.

Out of the mind came a manifestation of what was once only an idea.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” -Napoleon Hill


Give yourself permission 

I don’t believe that we give ourselves enough credit when it comes to thinking big.

Because when we first birth an idea in the mind, and before anyone ever gives their approval, we’ve already allowed our minds to wander and dream so big that our ideas actually scare the hell out of us. We can already see the finish line.

I know there are things you have imagined doing or creating that you have never told anyone about, but have thought about endlessly.

That crazy business idea, that new invention, that book you’ve been wanting to write for so long.

But when it comes to doing it, we tie and bound ourselves so tight in our minds that we choke any action out of existence.

We want permission before we can proceed.

We subtly hint at the idea around others in a hope that they will give us a big, “YEAH, AWESOME IDEA…. DO IT.”

We’ve given ourselves the permission to dream it, but we wait for permission from others to go do it.

The quote above, by Napoleon Hill, has been a building block of a belief in my mind that only grows stronger each day.

“Think & Grow Rich” was one of the first personal development books I read and it was Mr. Hill’s quote that gave me all of the approval I will ever need.

It allowed me to understand that there is no thing, and no one, that can ever stand in the way of a mind that believes a thing it has conceived.

It gave me the permission to silently get my butt to work. To quietly dream. To persistently visualize a thing I wanted to create, and wait for no one to tell me it was OK.

Don’t wait for a bandwagon of people to cheer you on when you dare to dream of a thing. It will never come.

Read and re-read Napoleon’s words until they become a part of your entire belief system because you will never get permission from the rest of world.

In fact, here is another quote from this brilliant man, one that I used to have pasted in my cubicle wall, and in every journal I have ever kept:

“The world will hold you back until they see you refuse to quit, then they will step aside and watch you go by.”

Give yourself the permission to do great things.

There is a better way to live!


Thank you for reading! I am nearing the release of my BOOK, based on living the extraordinary life. Find it (HERE) 🙂



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