Looking for a speaker to inspire your students or employees?

Look no further than Author & Speaker, Michael Ivanov. 

Michael Speaks At Van Talks

Michael takes the stage at a TED Talk-style event in Vancouver WA,  one of 7 elected speakers out of over 200 applicants. Michael addresses the importance of finding purpose, teen suicide, and why we can’t remain on the sidelines when we see injustice. He tells the story of his grandfather, a 19 year-old soldier in world war II who was spared and went on to inspire so many.

Testimonials of Inspired Listeners

Shortly after a SpeakLife event, we captured the thoughts of those who were inspired by the message. Michael spoke of his journey and his realizations of reaching goals that were not his own. He began to seek the things he was passionate about and rediscovered what truly lit him on fire for life.

“Concepts & ideas will be remembered for a week… stories will be remembered for a lifetime.”

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Call it “Motivation,” call it “Inspiration…” I call it “Speaking life.” I believe concepts & ideas are remembered for a week. But stories are remembered for life.

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