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Look no further than Author & Speaker… 


Michael takes the stage at VANTalks

“Michael’s talk stood out far beyond any other presentor, absolutely amazing!”


Stay Alive All Your Life!

Michael delivers his keynote at the Magenta Theater.

“I was at the edge of my seat through the entire presentation! Michael’s talk has changed my life forever.”


Prospect High

Michael takes his message to the teens

“I was worried about how my students would carry themselves and represent myself and our school but Michael had them glued & focused throughout the entire presentation!”

-Brian, Principal


Shortly after a SpeakLife event, we captured the thoughts of those who were inspired by the message.

“I hope I can see him again the next time he speaks!”



Principal & Student response to Michael’s message. 

“This gave me the encouragment to pursue what I want to do!”



What CEO’s and Event organizers think of Michael’s keynote, “Stay Alive All Your Life!”

“I’ve heard a lot of motivational speakers and I’m convinced Michael is the best one I’ve experienced.”


“It’s the people who are willing to FIGHT for their dreams & RISK it all, who will succeed in the end.”

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“I am so thankful that I was able to make it to your event in time to experience it! Please keep doing what you do, this world needs it. I needed it.” 


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